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About Us

Farm To Wellness helps companies create, market and distribute top-quality products that empower people to live healthier and happier lives.

Our company started with the vision of how do we take the freshness of our farms, and  what is grown on our farms (Fruits, herbs, botanicals, and hemp farms) and harvest these healing properties into world class compliant products. 

Today Farm To Wellness has grown into an industry leader that is servicing and formulating a variety of products for real estate projects with hemp, pet wellness products, and products for people for everyday living, which is a core value of our company today and tomorrow. 

As a group of formulators, distributors, farmers, and brand developers we have seen what works and what doesn’t work in our industry, giving us an edge in creating, formulating, marketing and distribution of our products for us and our partners.

By understanding and respecting the balance of hemp, essential oils, botanicals, and herbs we create and formulate quality products that help change lives and life-styles every day. We are non-gmo based, made in the USA, fully farm bill compliant on all life-cycles of product development, all while contributing to our community and partner relationships..

If you would like to learn more on how we can help you or your company with farming, formulations, branding, sourcing, compliance, distribution or just want to be educated contact us below.